China Electrical Production vs. USA: Who’s GDP statistics are faulty?


For many years, observers of China’s growth have been suspicious of the accuracy of GDP reports. Instead, they have looked to Chinese power production as a proxy for growth.

In this regard, China shows no sign of a slowdown according to the 2014 report of world electricity production compiled by Enerdata.

In 2011, China surpassed the US to become the world’s largest producer of electricity at 4,716 terawatt-hours (TWh) vs.4,360 TWh for the US.

For 2013, China produced 5,313 TWh vs. 4,310 TWh for the US.

It appears that the US economy has more questionable output data based on these results. While China’s power generation has continued to grow at a rapid pace, the level of production in the US has been in the range of 4,300 terawatt-hours since 2010.

2014 statistics are not available in the report. However, a growth rate of power production running at over 6% per year is lower than the Chinese government stated results of GDP rising at over 7% per year and below their reduced targets. China may not be growing as fast as the trend for the previous 20 years, but the country continues its rapid rise.

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